Riso Meraviglia: a farming story survived throughout generations

Riso Meraviglia: a farming story survived throughout generations - Riso Meraviglia



In our family care for our land, passion for our work and inclination for rice growing are core values handed down through generations.


Born in the countryside near Brescia and then moved in 1950s in rural area just below Milan, the Lanzanis, first with grandfather Carlo, then with father Giuseppe and today with son Andrea, have now come to their third generation.


Over the decades new generations have taken over, time has changed, technology has radically changed production methods, the structure of our farm has been renewed, but the main feature of the family-run business has remained unchanged and has ensured through time a constant thorough control of our production as guarantee of the high quality and the genuineness of our products.



We are the Lanzanis and the story of our family is strongly tied with the story of our business and our work: a story like many others, maybe, but which carries a deep meaning for us. This is our story, the story of our rice that we are happy to share with you.

Our farm

Our farm - Riso Meraviglia



Our Farm is located near Gaggiano (Milan), a little town in the heart of the Milan Southern Rural Park in the Po river valley, an area in which the deep agricultural vocation has marked the economic development and where since the Middle Age to optimise the most important of this area: water.

Marked by rice monoculture, our farm stretches over a 70 hectar wide area which is cultivated through eco-friendly farming techniques leading to a high quality and environmentally friendly production.



The whole production process of our rice is based in our and is carried out through the adoption of the latest machines in the most rigorous and thorough way, as evidence of our attention towards the environment and our customers.

Azienda Agricola Lanzani Giuseppe

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Milan Southern Rural Park

Milan Southern Rural Park - Riso Meraviglia